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A New Zealand man who began drawing very large penises around the potholes in his home city of Auckland in 2018 in the hopes of attracting the attention of his local council has been threatened with police action. Man who spray-painted 100 penises on road threatened with legal action A New Zealand man who began drawing very large penises around the potholes in his home city of Auckland in 2018 in the hopes of attracting the attention of his local council has been threatened with police action. Twitter A New Zealand activist, who specializes in drawing large penises around the streets of Auckland, has finally been threatened with legal action. Geoff Upson, who calls himself a road safety campaigner, estimates he has made about 100 lewd drawings on streets with potholes, in the hopes that the phallic images will motivate officials to pave over them, according to the New Zealand Herald . Auckland Transport confronted Upson over the stunt last week, and filed a complaint with the police, who followed up with the doodling activist, the article said. A series of Upson’s graffiti on a road in New Zealand. The crass drawings caused a safety risk and a distraction for other drivers, officials reportedly said. The vulgar vandal is standing by his work. “Offended!? Good!!! Maybe the road will get fixed soon!,” the 30-year-old wrote on his Facebook page. One of the vandal’s spray-painted penises. “If they come out and fix the road then 100 per cent of my drawing will be removed,” Upson told the newspaper. Upson described his creative process in a tongue-in-cheek video he uploaded of himself on a pothole-filled highway. “I’m about sick of calling Auckland transport,” he said, as the camera pans to two large green and pink neon penises on the road. “So what look navigate to this web-site at this now I’ve done is I’ve gone and drawn a great artist’s impression of a penis.” “The stretch of road from here to the end of that other penis is 48 meters. The width of my lines is approximately 1.2 meters,” he says. Upson claims that in addition to getting the attention of officials, his prolific spray-painted penises help drivers avoid the potholes. The Auckland activist isn’t the first to use phalluses to flag potholes. In 2015, a British graffiti artist tried to draw attention to her uneven street — aptly named Cock Lane — with the crude drawings.

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TribLIVE's Daily and Weekly email newsletters deliver the news you want and information you need, right to your inbox. If the $1.3 billion investment in education comes through that Gov. Tom Wolf included in his proposed state budget, it would just about make up for the increased costs Pennsylvania schools are set to absorb between this and next school year, according to Jamie Baxter, policy director for nonprofit Allies for Children , formerly Child Watch of Pittsburgh. “Across Pennsylvania, schools were forced to cover mandated pandemic costs that spiked by a total of $665 million,” Baxter said Thursday at a press conference held at Franklin Regional Senior High School and included several superintendents from the region. “Districts are expected to be faced with another mandated increase of $485 million next year, for a total increase of $1.2 billion. “This is simply unsustainable,” Baxter said. Franklin Regional Superintendent Gennaro Piraino agreed, saying that underfunding at the state level contributed heavily to district’s decision to raise taxes 15 of the past 16 years, including to the state-imposed limit the past three years. Wolf proposes using the “fair funding formula” created in 2016 by a bipartisan commission to determine more basic education funding. Though enacted five years ago, the formula has been used for only 11% of state school funding — the rest determined using enrollment figures from 1992, nearly 30 years ago, Wolf said. “Franklin Regional has experienced significant increases in mandates and other necessary costs,” Piraino said. That includes money that is leaving the district and going to charter schools, using a funding system that Piraino and other superintendents said was broken, as well as a moratorium on state reimbursement for schools through its PlanCon program. Franklin Regional’s Sloan “elementary campus” project, under normal PlanCon conditions, would be eligible for $10 million to $12 million in state reimbursement. Northgate School District Superintendent Caroline Johns said her district, which serves Bellevue and Avalon in Allegheny County, already was financially distressed before the pandemic hit. “We’re a small district, with limited ability to raise funds locally,” Johns said. “And, with approximately half of our students being economically disadvantaged, we’re very sensitive to raising taxes, as we know the strain it puts on our community.” Johns said she’s thankful for federal stimulus funding, but noted that it is not a sustainable funding source. “Since the 2016-17 school year, we’ve seen our basic expenses increase by 4.2% per year, while state basic education funding only increased by 0.2%,” Johns said. “Special education costs have gone up 9% annually, with only a 2.3% increase at the state level.” Johns said the situation left Northgate “in a position where we have to routinely increase taxes on an already-struggling community, while also drawing down our own fund balance.” McKeesport Superintendent Mark Holtzman said his district’s $72 million budget is “ravaged by charter schools, retirement contributions, debt service, the cost of a 1-to-1 technology initiative and new positions to address all the trauma that’s occurred for not just our children, but our staff.” “Capital projects, and the funds to complete them, do not exist,” Holtzman said. All three called on state legislators to back Wolf’s education budget.